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앱 설명

Watch BYUtv live and on-demand in full HD. Enjoy great original series like Studio C, Relative Race and Random Acts. This is the home of BYU Sports Nation. If it’s on BYUtv, it’s in the BYUtv app for Apple TV.


- Enjoy complete access to BYUtv’s VOD library
- AutoPlay: the app will automatically play the next video in the season or playlist so you can sit back and relax
- Replays of all live TV events are immediately available as Replays
- Personalize content by adding Shows and Episodes to your Favorites when logged into your BYUtv account
- TV Everywhere - easily Continue Watching episodes and track your viewing history across all BYUtv apps and websites
- TV schedule
- Search all content

Internet connection required (8 Mbps or greater recommended)
Requires AppleTV 4th generation

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