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Video recipes for Indian cuisine
Over 25,000 tasty and practical Indian recipe videos from chefs like Vikas Khanna, Tarla Dalal, Hari Nayak, Sanjay Thumma, Bikramjit, and lots of specially curated home chef videos.
The recipes are organized by sub-Cuisine, main Ingredients, Courses, Special Festival or Occasion based recipes, Health need based recipes, Cooking method based recipes, and variants of popular Dishes.
Here’s a preview of the kind of recipes you’ll find on Indian Recipes:


Bengali Recipes

Gujarati Recipes

Hyderabadi/ Andhra Recipes

Kerala Recipes
Maharashtrian Recipes

North Indian Recipes

Punjab Recipes

South Indian Recipes
.. and lots more!


Indian Appetizer

Indian Beverages

Indian Breakfast

Indian Dessert

Indian Main Dish

Indian Side Dish

Indian Snack


Diabetic recipes
High Protein recipes

Low Calorie recipes

Low Carb recipes

Low Fat recipes
Vegan / Vegetarian Recipes
..and many more


Kids Food

Party Food

Pregnancy Food

Quick Food


Diwali Recipes
Christmas Recipes

Eid Recipes

Holi Recipes

Vrat / Fast Recipes

Wedding Recipes


Indian Chicken Dishes

Indian Fish Dishes

Mango Dishes

Indian Potato Dishes

Indian Rice Dishes

Indian Vegetable Dishes
Indian Paneer Dishes

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