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앱 설명

The ultimate map-based real estate search engine. Accurate listings, beautiful photos, advanced search filters, and value estimates for unlisted homes. UPDATE: Now you can search by school and filter by lot size, house size, and year built.

PRO TIP: With a 2-finger upward swipe, anybody on the same Wi-Fi network can "throw" a listing from their phone to the TV.

Free login to access contract/sold listings. Open Homesnap on your TV and phone at the same time to login (must be on the same Wi-Fi network).

REALTORS® with MLS access to Homesnap Pro can view related agents and agent-only confidential listing information.

Homesnap can be used worldwide but only provides information for homes in the United States.

We're always trying to make this app better. You can reach us at or on Twitter @Homesnap. Thanks.

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