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앱 설명

Translator Vocal & Dictionary Pro let you translate what you say in more than 90 languages.
only by speaking into your phone and immediately replies in one of 90 languages, which you have selected.
real-time language translate by simply speaking into your phone!

+ Instantly speak freely in 200+ countries
Instantly open a voice to voice conversation with people living in 200+ countries.

+ Instant translation (in real time)
when you speak into your phone it will translate into the language you have selected in the same time! speak and get your translate

+ Favorites & history
Browse through recent translations or save a translation for quick access.
A voice feature allows you to listen to the translation in order to improve your pronunciation.

+Idiom collection
This app includes a collection of the most common idiomatic expressions, sorted by categories. This will help you a lot during your trips.

+10,000 sentences in memory.
Translator Vocal & Dictionary Pro includes 200 phrases translated into 60 different languages. This means you’ll have access to over 10,000 sentences within the app itself (offline mode).
You can save any word, expression, or sentence and access it at any time with no need for Internet access.

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