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앱 설명

Take your viewing experience to a whole new level with Singtel TV GO!
Download it today to catch Singtel TV anytime, anywhere.
Launch Singtel TV GO directly to the big screen from your Apple TV and enjoy over 120 channels from your Singtel TV subscription.

Key features:
1. “Watch TV” to catch live channels, including Premier League on your personal devices
• Home View** mode: Over 120 live channels and stream concurrently on up to 3 devices.
• On-The-Go mode: Over 100 live channels available

2. “Catch-Up” and watch your favourite programmes anytime, anywhere.
• Home View** mode: Over 30 on-demand channels
• On-The-Go mode: Over 20 on-demand channels available

3. TV Guide
• Check out what’s showing with the TV Guide that tells you what’s showing up to 12 hours in advance

4. Search
• Search for your favourite channels and programmes with ease

*Requires tvOS 9.0 and above.
**Available when connected via your subscribed Singtel Fibre Broadband

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