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Business Insider is the hub for Insider Inc.'s video series on streaming devices. It will launch with our most popular series, and update with more than two dozen videos each week. Series include:

"Why Are We All So Stupid?" which takes behavioral economics out into the world to test why people consistently make irrational decisions.

"It's Cool But Does It Really Work" where we test the new innovative products you see on TV and in your social media feed to see if they live up to expectations.

"Tesla Road Trip" a series that takes you along for the ride as Business Insider producers drive a Tesla Model X across the United States to see how the innovation holds up.

And every day you will see new additions to our Food, Beauty, and Explainer series. That means you'll be in the know about all the foods you have to add to your bucket list, the people and the products that are taking over the beauty industry, and the answers to your everyday curiosities.

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