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Full RSV-CE Bible • Verse Synced Truth & Life Dramatized Audio Bible New Testament • Augustine Institute, Ignatius Press & Lighthouse content

From Dramatized Audio of the RSV-CE Bible synced at verse level to rich Catholic resources from the Augustine Institute and Ignatius Press. The Catholic Study Bible App for Apple TV is nothing like anything else of its kind in the App Store.

FREE CONTENT INCLUDES: Entire Gospel of John Dramatized Audio Bible from Truth & Life, talks from Dr. Scott Hahn, Jeff Cavins and many more!

Truth & Life Dramatized New Testament Audio:
Referred by Cardinal Dolan as “the GREATEST Catholic product of all time!” the Truth & Life Dramatized New Testament Audio brings the Bible to life. Get the Gospel of John for FREE featuring award winning actors Kristen Bell, Neal McDonough & Stacy Keach.

Augustine Institute & Ignatius Press Content:
Get inspirational and insightful audio content that will take you deeper into Scripture than ever before. Listen to over 10 hours of FREE audio presentations from Dr. Scott Hahn and the "St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology" provided by the Augustine Institute. Or browse, preview, and download hundreds of the best and newest Lighthouse talks from the best Catholic speakers in the world - streaming straight from your TV!

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