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앱 설명

Baby Vision will both entrance your baby and help their vision to develop during their first few months. Different pattens will move around the screen, and chance in size without any interaction keeping them entertained and helping their vision to develop.

As they get older, you can enable Colour Mode which will randomly include green into the patterns. Since this colour is randomly distributed it will jump out once your baby's vision has developed sufficiently to see in colour (babies only see high contrast - i.e. black and white until they are a few months old)

When babies are first born they can only focus and concentrate on things and images that have a very high contrast. This means that Black and White images are the best as they have the highest contrast of any images. You can read further details on this in our blog posting


• Operates in Black and White to be engaging for babies.
• Each pattern is randomly animated to move and zoom in and out.
• Distracts and entertains your child
• Colour mode introduces green into the patterns randomly.

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