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You know CheapCharts as the ultimate deal platform for iTunes, but now, finally, it is also available for Apple TV! With CheapCharts, you can find special deals for YOUR favorite titles on Apple TV. Whether it’s films, TV series or tvOS apps – we have ALL the deals.

How would it be to be sitting on your couch in the evenings and be able to easily see which cool films are on offer? With CheapCharts, you can search through all the offers and discover the best bargains. Or maybe you’re hooked on a new TV series or fancy a particular tvOS app. You can also find a great amount and variety of deals in these categories via Apple TV!

Anyone who owns an Apple TV and loves to shop at the iTunes Store will not be able to pass up CheapCharts. It is completely free, does not annoy you with advertisements and has no sneaky in-app purchases hidden around the corner. This is also true for the iOS Version, with which you can also save on music, books, and audiobooks in addition to films and TV series. There’s no reason not to try it!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your favorite titles at the best price!

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