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앱 설명

The best curated selection of Videos and Apps for children aged 1-6 is now also on TV.
A safe digital playground available everywhere: TV – smartphone – tablet.
KidSAFE Certified - Best Mobile App Awards for Children and Toddlers - Mom’s Choice Award.

KidzInMind is a super creative, educational and joyful environment that your kids will love and come back to every day: the 'Fun Fair' on TV and 'The House' on your smartphone or tablet.
We work closely with child development experts and our community of parents to develop, test and select cartoons, apps and games with a high educational value.
Our mission is to make the time that kids spend on TV and mobile secure, smart and creative, feeding their imagination.

Enter the Theater in the KidzInMind Fun Fair to watch lots of videos organized by character. Each screen offers an immersive experience in the specific character world. Featuring among others:
• Sandra the Fairytale Detective
• Larva in NY
• Lucky Fred
• Lola & Virginia
• Saari
• Mika's Diary
• Purple Devil
• Rat A Tat
• Pororo
• Miniforce
• Winx
• Video-Lullabies by Nanny Clio

New episodes are added every month.
All the videos are also available on the KidzInMind app on your smartphone and tablet. You can download the episodes to watch them offline when you are travelling, or you don’t want to consume mobile data.
Please note: characters and episodes may change according to each country.

To make TV time a quality educational time, we created a merry-go-round where kids will find a selection of apps, starting from “ABC English”, a very nice game to teach toddlers their first words.

This is the most attractive area of the Fun Fair. Let’s start with ANIMALS MEMORY, a kid’s board game with lovely drawings of animals, to improve concentration skills and working memory of your little ones.


If you subscribe to KidzInMind TV you are also entitled to KidzInMind Premium Access on your smartphone and tablet. The mobile app offers a huge catalog of hundreds of games, educational apps and videos, organized by category:
• World discovery
• Cognitive
• Language
• Arts
• Good habits

PLEASE NOTE: you must use the same iTunes ID on TV and mobile to have full access to the app cross-devices.

We do not request any registration nor collect personal information about you or your child. Please read our complete privacy policy at:
• No hidden in-app purchases
• No Ads or external links.

KidzInMind Premium is a subscription service that gives you unlimited access to all educational activities, games and videos on smartphone, tablet and Apple TV.
Choose your offer (7-days free trial):
• $2.99 per month
• $14.99 per 6 months
• $24.99 per year.

Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account. To find out how subscriptions work on iTunes see:

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