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앱 설명

Simple but brilliant one touch gameplay allows you to bounce your character off the springy ground and through the advancing walls. Can you dive at just the right moment? Have you got perfect timing? Play Bouncyland to find out!

Which character will you be today? Froggy the jumping frog, or Spike the bouncing dragon? Or Feathers, or Hootie? Choose from a range of various cuddly characters to take on an adventure through the mysterious different worlds that Bouncyland has to offer!

This unique physics based game will keep you entertained for hours! The fast and immersive gameplay keeps you trying for that next high score. Collect all your favourite characters and backgrounds!

- Only in the App Store
- Unique Deformable Ground
- Fun Addictive Gameplay
- Loads of Cute Game Characters
- Lots of Awesome Scenes
- Global Leaderboard
- Super Fast to Play

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