Kodak Moments

퍼블리셔: Kodak Alaris Inc.
가격: 무료

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앱 설명

Every KODAK MOMENT tells a story.

Photos that are important to you deserve an app of their own.
One that prioritizes quality over quantity, and transforms photos into beautiful Moments worth sharing.

The KODAK MOMENTS Apple TV app showcases the stories created on the KODAK MOMENTS iOS app.

* On the iOS app, create stories by combining meaningful photos with beautifully designed captions, layouts and dramatic blockquotes.
* Showcase your stories on the big screen with the Apple TV app.
* Find inspiration by following people and getting Moments in your Moments feed.

Other amazing features available on the iOS app include:
* Create a stunning selection of gifts like canvases, photo books, cards or mugs and bring your stories to life.
* Turn your wedding, birthday, or vacation memories into meaningful mementos, select from a variety of premium printed products you can give family and friends.
* Choose to have your printed photos and gifts delivered directly to your door or pickup same day at your local retail store.

Please make sure to have the an iOS app version of v3.3 or higher.

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