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앱 설명

BloomSky is the only weather app featuring real-time pictures and time-lapses of the sky with quick access to accurate up-to-the-minute weather reporting.

Tap into our crowdsourced weather from BloomSky’s network of Smart Weather Cameras around the world. Experience the weather of your favorite locations right now, making it easier to plan your daily activities, commute, and travel globally.

- Get current weather data and forecasts with beautiful real-time view of the sky
- Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Ultraviolet (UV)
- Hyper-local and accurate weather reporting
- Daily time-lapse videos
- Search for and create a list of your favorite locations to quickly get real-time weather information wherever you like to go, whether you ski, surf, golf, hike, bike, sail, run, shop, or go for a picnic in the park
- See popular destinations such as National Parks, Golf Courses, Landmarks, Hiking/biking trails, Ski Resorts, Island Hotels, etc.

“I found myself fascinated not only by watching the sun arc across the sky above my home, but also watching time-lapse videos of weather patterns recorded from the Bay Area to Paris.” - San Francisco Chronicle

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