Castle Breakout - Escape Room

퍼블리셔: Cloudburst Room Escape, Inc
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앱 설명

“Castle Breakout, with its stunning photo-realistic 3D graphics and engaging set of puzzles, sets the highest new standard for the room-escape genre in 2016.”

"I was kinda sketchy at first about games on the Apple TV 4 but you have given me a wonderful surprise. On my 4K it looks fabulous!!!!! This version is just as delightful as the phone app if not more so. My wife really likes it. She watched me testing it out and she wanted to play lol.", Tim Moss

Some forge steel. Others do battle with swords. Your task, as a security expert, is to make sure the castle is safe. Test the castle's updated security system, find the right clues and solve the challenging puzzles to unlock the magical ride on dragon.

Enjoy Senior Guild member Anterwirp's wit as he accompanies you along the way, — just don’t ask him what he does with all those castle rats. Move through mesmerizing rooms, and make friends with royal pets as you go. Remember— use caution, some of them are quite exotic. Choose different swords, spears, potions, crowns and more to ensure the safety of the castle. Take the MEDIEVAL ride of your lifetime!

Over 1,000 hours of super-computer rendering, and intriguing puzzles, ranging from easy to hard, have made this medieval retro art style puzzle game the must have in your "how to escape" game collection.

Castle Breakout! HD, with its 1920x1080 renders--the Apple TV max--and full stereo-compatible sound bites, with 24 professionally recorded songs--is the perfect recipe for those who want a smooth, relaxing, and drop-dead gorgeous playing experience. With game controller support set in a couple weeks, casual and expert players alike can relax and enjoy with ease. Sure to become a game you'll want to keep around, Castle Breakout! HD will also sync to the iCloud experience--allowing you to take your favorite game from the TV to the iPhone or any other device--absolutely free.

Castle Breakout! HD is available on iOS, Mac, and Apple TV. 

An experience so natural, you can almost feel the surface of each object.

Again, do not ask about those rats!

Easy to begin, getting more complicated and hard to put down.

The perfect background mood for short or long play!

Share your progress between multiple devices. calls Castle Breakout! HD “ The game that scratches that room-escape itch!”

“I do believe this game will be successful on the Apple TV, potentially more so than the iOS version as the graphics are great on the big screen!” Thomas Correia, USA

Castle Breakout! HD is made for iOS and Mac, using the newest iOS 9 technology to allow for slim downloads. Secure the castle! Download now!

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