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Install ABC News for free to stay current 24x7 with breaking news streams, live coverage of events at home and worldwide, and clips on what’s trending in Tech, Entertainment and more.
With ABC News on Apple TV, you get:
•  An enhanced live stream experience that allows you to watch up to four live streams simultaneously in Quad-screen or two live streams in Split-screen (only available on the new Apple TV app)
•  Jump into any of the live streams directly from the top shelf of Apple TV Home screen (only available on the new Apple TV app)
•  Curated Video-On-Demand playlists covering the following news categories:
     - US News
     - Politics
     - Local Interest Stories
     - International News
     - Investigative reporting
     - Lifestyle and Entertainment News
     - Health
     - Financial Stories
     - Technology News
     - Travel
     - ABC News original content
     - ABC News features
•  Watch news clips and episodes from all of ABC News’ top shows:
     - Good Morning America
     - World News Tonight With David Muir
     - Nightline
     - This Week With George Stephanopoulos
     - 20/20
•  Local News video by geography
     - Able to watch local video stories from over 25 different local ABC stations
     - Detects your location and finds news from the nearest available local station (only available on the new Apple TV app)
     - Personalization feature that allows the user to customize the local experience and select up to and add 3 local stations to the main nav (only available on the new Apple TV app)
•  Archive footage from 50 years of ABC News history

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