Alphabet Zombie - Kids Learn Reading Game

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앱 설명

Learn all the Characters of the Alphabet with this fun game for kids. Take the role of a cute zombie running around the beach collecting letters in alphabetical order.

Watch out for the lady with the umbrella however, she doesn't like zombies and will try to chase you away. Collect all the characters before she catches you!

The game is designed for kids just starting out learning the alphabet and is fun and easy to play.

- 24 fun levels that will teach your kids the alphabet in an exciting new way.
- Music and sound effects.
- Learn the difference between vowels and consonants.
- Chose between alphabets in English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish.

The game is completely free from in-App purchases and ads, it's a safe and fun way for kids to learn the alphabet.

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