Baby Smart Learning Soundboard

퍼블리셔: SID Studios
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가격: 2.99 USD

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앱 설명

As early as 9 months you can help your child familiarize with colors, shapes, animals, numbers, and the alphabet. Through this App, you can use your TV screen as a gorgeous learning tool for your kids. Children love to copy what they see and hear. A clear audio and visual approach is the best way for teaching.
Baby Smart is designed for focused and effective learning with minimal distractions and simple layouts. Built with high contrast graphics, beautiful illustrations, & adorable sounds, surely you and your child will have an exciting learning experience. And the simple and easy-to-use user interface makes the App a breeze to use for parents.

- Effective audio visual focused learning
- Clean high contrast and distraction-free design
- Beautiful illustrations for letters, numbers, shapes, colors, & animals ( swipe left/right to switch )
- Adorable high quality multi-sampled sounds for all illustrations ( press to speak, swipe up for affirmations )
- Uplifting music

* Credits:
Voice-Over Artist: Isabelle Amponin (
Animal Illustrations: Justin Amponin (
Music: Ben Sounds (

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