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앱 설명

The Chaos Computer Club is Europe's largest hacker community and allows people from all over the world, with a large variety of interests, to meet up and discuss various topics.

They are mainly organised in small groups/get-togethers but also organise large conferences. Here they tinker, talk and exchange ideas. Technical barriers are overcome, new things created and old ones taken appart. Discussions range from technical to political and social topics, always keeping communication and exchange of ideas and information in mind.

For many years the Chaos Computer Club has created videos, which document the many talks and activities, making them available via various platforms. Creating the CCC-TV now allows users to access this video material in a comfortable manner via their Apple TV and gives an insight into the club's activities.

Simply sit down, select the CCC-TV app and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of the Chaos Computer Club.

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