Dream Run - Endless Runner

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앱 설명

The worldís first ever top best endless running game DREAM RUN is now out for APPLE TV! Journey to the world of magical fantasy land is all about Dream Run Endless Game! It is an addictive game-play, mostly for kids and also all other age groups with "unique endless featured runningî game play; Designed & Developed by DUMADU GAMES.
Now Kids will enjoy the ultimate endless running fun with Dream Run game in APPLE TV. We promise you that our Dream Run Game will keep your kids busy and yet you will never be worried about them! Leave smartphone and stick to APPLE TV, enjoy your favorite game ìDREAM RUNîÖ!
How to Play:
Choose the favorite little idol princess and run in the fantasy world filled with lots of obstacles, toys, flies and amazing subway tunnels. As the Dream princess run, avoid obstacles, collect fire flies to earn coins, wings to get amazing powers and different objectives to complete.
Use touch pad on remote to play.
Select- Press center of the touch pad
Change Path- Swipe left and right
Jump- Swipe up
Slide- Swipe down
Game Features:
- Endless mode with 4 unique characters.
- APPLE TV featured game
- 4 Different upgrades and 2 power-upís.
- 33 Different objectives to complete, lot more coming soonÖ
- Achievements and Leaderboard integrated.
- Realistic Fantasy 3d Environment Running Game.
Thanks for downloading Dream Run Game; enjoy the fun on big screen!
There are a lot more APPLE TV games are coming soon, until then enjoy our Dream run and stay tuned to Dumadu Games.

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