Echo from ArcTouch

퍼블리셔: ArcTouch
가격: 무료

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앱 설명

Welcome to the hardest, simplest game on TV. Inspired by retro memory & party games, Echo is a free game that puts your brain and reflexes to the test. In 2 game modes, click, shake and swipe the Siri Remote to repeat what you see on screen.

Memory Game: Click, shake and swipe as you follow and repeat the actions you see on screen.

Speed Game: React quickly to what you see on screen with a click, swipe or shake — but don’t make an error or the game is over.

Echo immerses you in a surreal moonscape with a custom electronic dance music soundtrack and effects. Challenge your friends and family to try to keep up with the beat — and see who can take the top spot on the Echo Masters leaderboard.

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