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앱 설명

Introducing FAN PASS, giving you the access to stream all the live sport you can handle on SKY Sport channels 1-4. Enjoy the sports you love in HD plus access to selected highlights of key events with a Month or 6 Month pass available through the iTunes store.

FAN PASS Features:
* FAN PASS Month Passes are available for purchase through the iTunes store for $99.99 and recur monthly
* FAN PASS 6 Month Passes are available for purchase through the iTunes store for $329.99
* Scroll between 4 dedicated sporting channels – SKY Sport channels 1,2,3 and 4
* Enjoy HD (high definition) quality viewing
* Access to selected highlights of key sporting events
* World class sports events and coverage

Grab your pass direct through the iTunes store on your Apple TV to enjoy sport in minutes.

Game time is now!

FAN PASS information:

* A recurring month pass is available for $99.99 per month and for those committed sports fans we offer a 6 month pass subscription for $329.99 per month that works out to be less than $2 a day.
* Make sure you checkout our website for our latest partner bundle offers and specials deals to ensure the best live sports fix!
* Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase and recurring monthly passes will be charged on a monthly basis thereafter.
* Links to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Note, in-app purchases available on Apple TV only.

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