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앱 설명

Flixel brings the world’s most beautiful living photos to your TV as magical “cinemagraphs” - the hot new visual medium you're seeing everywhere. Browse stunning themed galleries, and view cinemagraphs created by artists from around the world, or select any and use it as the featured cinemagraph. Watch how-to videos and learn how to make your own with 2014 Apple Design Award winner Cinemagraph Pro.

- Dozens of themed galleries including animals, fashion, landscapes, nature and sports to browse through
See the freshest cinemagraphs in the world - hand-picked daily
Choose a single view or a grid to quickly navigate through the lists
- Select slideshow to start a revolving cinemagraph display

My Cinemagraphs:
- All of your cinemagraphs posted to Flixel
- Select one and let it play endlessly as an art piece
- The Flixel logo is removed for all Flixel Cloud subscriber's cinemagraphs

- Displays our daily selected featured cinemagraph or your custom choice
- To choose a custom featured from any Gallery or My Cinemagraphs

Learning Lab:
- Learn the latest tips and tricks to start creating your own living photos with Flixel Cinemagraph Pro for macOS and iOS
- Then move to learning the advanced techniques that photographers and marketers are using to captivate clients

- Sign in to your Flixel account
- Set the Featured
- Configure the slideshow settings

Bonus Feature:
Hey Hermano! The icon image is designed to make the Flixel hummingbird logo (who we affectionately call Hermano) flap as you move your finger on the remote.

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