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앱 설명

The most important period of education for any person is during his early stages of life. You are taught your ABC's, 123, shapes colors and a lot more which add meaning to your life . Kids First is a channel that creates a compilation of videos which are fun and entertaining yet very educational for your kids which will help them learn and grasp the basics of life at very early stage. Our educational videos are filled with lyrics from your toddlers favorite nursery rhymes and our original songs for kids, accompanied by music that will store itself indefinitely in your child's little brain. Parents, allow us to be the teachers at home, as we bring along a number of special cartoon characters to help us create the perfect homeschool environment for your babies!

From one of the world's largest kids network on YouTube and makers of Kids TV and Kids Channel having over 12 Billion Views and 15+ Million subscribers comes Kids First ! This is your go-to destination for edutainment(Education + Entertainment) videos for preschoolers and young kids. Come watch and learn with Bob The Train, Farmees, Monster Truck Dan, Bao Panda, etc.

Over 1000+ Kids safe and Family Safe videos prepared under strict observation and guidelines of pre-school education experts available in HD Quality and English language. Young kids, pre-schoolers, toddlers and babies will love watching and learning.

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