Koi & Flower

퍼블리셔: jh zhang
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 2.99 USD

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앱 설명

Koi & Flower is a full-screen entertainment interactive, can play water, fish, flower, food screensaver and dynamic wallpaper, is carefully built function, the use of very simple entertainment interactive screen protection and dynamic wallpaper entertainment software. Leisure time can make your equipment a beautiful backdrop, it can be set to beautiful dynamic wallpaper and screen protection, you can start. Very beautiful and beautiful, fun fun, listen to the voice of nature, watch the beautiful real fish free to swim. Beautiful world beautiful you.
Koi & Flower features many, very simple to use, no text introduction, you do not need to know any language, any learning can pick up your remote control and fish interaction, where you can enjoy beautiful fish and beautiful Of the flowers, but also can play water, fish, to the fish feeding, you can draw a real wave, where the water, the beautiful fish will be disturbed, scattered around, all of these functions are in your Finger touch between you to show.
Double-click can give the fish to feed, you can spend fish, water waves can disturb the fish, and fish can interact, very fun fun.
Click to see the water wave, swipe can make the water slide. Press the pause button to turn off the background sound, the background sound at different times of each day will automatically replace the different interesting natural sound, the background picture will automatically change every day.
The real waves, but also has a dynamic fluid effect, the fish swim in the water, spent on the water floating, flowers and leaves will be rotating and drift, the real world of beautiful ecosystem show in your eyes. Make your device more beautiful. For your day to bring happiness.

Koi & Flower is a real-life screen saver entertainment application that, if you like it, please share and comment. Thank you very much!

Enjoy a good life, you can accompany your life good software!

Please note: this is just a perfect start, no end, the next update will bring more fun features and decorations, so stay tuned!

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