Magic Kinder - Educational app

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앱 설명

Magic Kinder brings you a wide selection of fun and educational videos that centre around the Kinder surprises.

The channels are:
Secret life of surprises – What do the Kinder surprises get up to whilst you’re away
Magic Kinder Show - Learn finger tricks with the surprises
The Protectors of the Planet – The animal robots are here to teach young children how to look after our planet and tackle subjects such as: Sea pollution, recycling, deforestation, glaciers melting and much more.
Sing & Dance – Sing and move to the sound of music whilst learning English
Farm Friends – How is food made? We look at food such as bread, rice, milk and fruit juice
Natoons documentaries – discover a world of animals
Mixart – Arts and Crafts tutorials to teach children about the importance of recycling
Youmitik – What does it mean to be….a vet, a stylist, a painter and a botanist?
Sprinty – A world of racing and speed

And many more to come.....!


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