Neon TV - Animated Neon Sign / Image Maker

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앱 설명

Neon: What Will Yours Say?

・ Based on the #1 iOS Utility, Neon Wallpaper Creator, responsible for 77 MILLION custom backdrops worldwide!
・ Create an (optionally animated) Neon Sign as large as your TV Screen will allow!

Create personalised animated Neon-themed images without the need for any graphics editing.

・ Enter your own text, choose your font color, font type, and whether you require a flashing or static image.
・ Thousands of combinations you could create.

Neon requires an active internet connection.

To prevent interruption of the Neon sign, please set the following in System Settings on the Apple TV:

• Settings - General - Screensaver - Start After - Never
• Settings - General - Sleep After - Never

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