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News Channels - HD Top Documentries

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앱 설명

HD Top Documentries is the first Documentries app on Apple TV contains Documentries of TV Channels from Youtube.
Main POP Music categories are
and much more.

The film documentaries offer the people with the both historical and learning experiences that have high educational value. There are documentary films that are based on an individual region or country hence, the people who cannot travel to these countries can watch the documentary films and get the knowledge they require about the place.
Documentries on these topics are included in the app
* Science
* Technology
* World Wars
* Peace & Religion
* Games & Sports
* Old traditions
* Old Lives
* Hisorical Places
* Top Forts
* International affairs
and much more.
Each and every channel contains a lot of HD content that will be updated after some days.

Now make your Apple TV a complete HD Documentries TUBE to listen and watch all kind of Documentries with just few taps.

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