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앱 설명

Hood Canal Communications has taken Cable Television to the next level with nexTV by HCC. Here are a few highlights!

*Full Cable TV lineup including both Seattle Local and National Channels
*nexTV by HCC app to watch from your mobile device
*Viewing profiles-personalized viewing preferences for each family member
*Catch Up TV-Restart programs that have aired in the last two day (subject to channel restrictions)
*Cloud based DVR-allows you to record your favorite shows with a personal copy or shared across profiles.
*Video on Demand library
*Additional stream for "bring your own device" such as Apple TV
*Voice control from your HCC Set Top
*4k capable, fast channel change, pause, and thumbnail seek
*Universal Discovery-search across the Internet for programs and videos with your HCC set top or nexTV by HCC mobile app.

Visit now for more information. Service requires at least one HCC Set Top.

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