No Humanity - The Hardest Game

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앱 설명


In a few seconds, the screen will be FILLED with bullets, lasers, monsters and weird stuffs. No human being could ever escape his inevitable death.

* IGN Nominated Best Aussie/NZ game 2015 *
* #1 Winner of Global Gamejam best game 2015 *
* #1 Winner of Global Gamejam best audio 2015 *
* Top 5 indie games at PAX 2015 Australia – Mashable *

1,000,000+ Downloads All Over The World!

It's the end of the world and you are the lone survivor in a tiny spaceship. Get ready to dodge everything that is trying to kill you! Your reaction time and precision is key!

No Humanity is a crazy fun bullet hell dodge game. Compare your score with friends and watch as they struggle helplessly. This game is no easy feat.

- Incredibly challenging gameplay as you dodge your way through an intense bullet hell environment
- Loads and loads and loads of things trying to kill you
- Endless gameplay forcing you to survive as long as possible
- Uniquely crazy enemies that will make you scream in despair and excitement
- Compete against yourself and other people in a global scoreboard. Become the best!
- Realtime Multiplayer mode, where you can play against your friends under the same WIFI
- A rigged claw machine simulator, play the broken claw machine to win unique prizes!

WARNING AGAIN: This game is very hard!

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