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퍼블리셔: Oman Telecommunications Company SAOG
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앱 설명

Omantel TV+ home subscribers can now enjoy their favorite TV channels and Movies on their iPhone, iPad and Apple TVs using Omantel TV+ app. 

This app is offered to Omantel TV+ home subscribers at NO extra cost. Users can easily navigate & browse a selection of free content and Live TV channels even before login. Once logged in you can enjoy watching the Live TV channels, as well our "Free View" movies library which contains many popular movies & TV shows, available On-Demand.


- Watch a selection of Live TV channels
- Channels program guide
- Library of Movies and TV Series available on Demand
- Amazing viewing quality

- Simply swipe and select to navigate & browse

- Virtual remote for quick channel access

- Enlarge the player to full screen mode, or minimize the player by simply dragging it down and flick channels via our on screen mini guide

- Set a parental pin and access levels to manage kids viewership.

Download the app from iTunes. To login the app, please use the credentials provided by Omantel. The Credential will be sent to you automatically through SMS (at your registered Mobile).

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