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앱 설명

POPSUGAR TV brings you direct access to all of POPSUGAR’s original franchise series and critically acclaimed videos. Discover irresistible programming that entertains, inspires, and delights - including mouthwatering recipes, motivating workouts, exclusive celebrity interviews, hot fashion trends, beauty tips, and so much more. With new content added regularly, you’re guaranteed to find something that you love.

Watch original POPSUGAR programs:

Class FitSugar: Host Anna Renderer sweats alongside fitness experts and Hollywood's hottest celebrity trainers to bring you routines you can do anytime, anywhere.

Eat the Trend: Host Brandi Milloy uncovers trending food on social media and shares how to easily create it all in your own kitchen.

POPSUGAR Rush: A lightning-fast daily show that keeps you current with all things pop culture.

Beauty Junkie: Stay up on beauty trends and perfect basics with help from beauty influencers and pro makeup artists.

HANNAHGRAM: Trend explorer and entrepreneur Hannah Bronfman takes us on a journey to uncover the latest and hottest trends in style and lifestyle for millennial women — from fashion to fitness to beauty to music and everything in between.

Get the Dish: Brandi Milloy translates her latest pop culture obsessions to culinary inspiration, creating easy recipes and entertaining tips.

Pretty Unfiltered: Pretty Unfiltered tackles the issues and insecurities everyone deals with but might be afraid to talk about, while providing solutions to help build self-confidence.

Glow by POPSUGAR: Glow by POPSUGAR delivers life-changing content that helps you lead a healthier and happier life. Learn and get inspired by the healthiest, easiest, and most fun approach to fitness, wellness, food, and beauty.

We Spy Style: Hosts Allison McNamara and Ryan Roschke and style experts break down the latest trends and most shareable style stories.

Find Your Happy: Celebrate the positivity in life and find happiness in every day.

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