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앱 설명

Savant brings effortless control of your lighting, climate, entertainment, security, and more to an array of devices, from remotes and mobile devices to keypads and in-wall touch panels. With the addition of this innovative new app, you can control your Savant smart home from any TV.

CONTROL OPTIONS: The Savant Home App for Apple TV can be accessed and controlled with any Savant Remote or, with a Direct Control installation, using the Apple TV remote.

SAVANT SCENES: Set the perfect mood by capturing any combination of services and settings, then easily recalling on screen. Create a Movie Night Scene with the lighting and entertainment set just right and voila!

LIGHTING COMES ALIVE WITH TRUEIMAGE: Full control of any lighting fixture in your home, including visual feedback updated in real-time with Savant's TrueImage technology.

CLIMATE: Climate control is as easy as selecting the desired climate zone and adjusting the set points on-screen.

SECURITY CAMERAS: View your security cameras in full-screen resolution without leaving your couch.

CABLE/SATELLITE TV: Bring up the cable or the satellite TV guide or quickly navigate to favorite channels.

SHADES: Shade control is as easy as selecting the shade and adjusting the height.

Requires a Savant Host running da Vinci 9.2.0 or later.

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