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앱 설명

“Simple, rewarding, fun” - New York Times. It’s a whole new singing experience. Start singing from your living room with friends, family AND people from all over the world on your Apple TV. Sing a duet with featured Smule Partner Artists such as Jessie J, Jason Derulo, Luke Bryan, Omi, Charlie Puth, Leona Lewis and more. Choose from over 100,000 songs with new songs added every day!

Need a microphone to take your home singing to a whole new level? Transform your iPhone into an instant microphone when you download Sing! for iOS and connect it wirelessly with your Apple TV.

To celebrate the Apple TV release, we're granting users unlimited access to all songs within the app for a limited time. Download now!

• Jessie J (Flashlight)
• Jason Derulo (Want to Want Me)
• Omi (Cheerleader)
• Charlie Puth (Marvin Gaye)
• Tori Kelly (Should’ve Been Us)
• Luke Bryan (Kick The Dust Up)
• Leona Lewis (Thunder)
• Carly Rae Jepsen (Run Away With Me)
• Years and Years (King)
• Silento (Watch Me (Whip / Nae Nae))

• Over 100,000 songs in the Songbook and more songs added every day.
• Join the Sing! community of 25 million singers worldwide and sing your favorite songs together.
• Connect the Sing! iPhone/iPad app and transform your device into a microphone. Up to 2 iPhone/iPad microphones can be connected at the same time. No need to purchase or fight for a mic!
• Queue up your favorite songs on the iPhone or iPad while your friends are singing.

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