Space Window

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앱 설명

Celebrate Trappist-1 exoplanets ! The app will be discounted for one month till March 24th. While we cannot guarantee that any of the planets in Space Window actually looks like the exoplanets, we can assure you'll see some unexpected corners of the Universe.

Turn your TV into the panoramic deck of a starship heading unknown planets. Hand-pick your favourite system to orbit or let the random mode take you into a never ending journey. Planets, nebulas, galaxies, are right out of the window, without moving away from your living room !

All worlds are 3D real time, no pre-rendered movies. This means that:

- every time you orbit a world you might end up in a different position, so it's very unlikely you'll see the same things twice

- your network won't be clogged by the never ending downloads of huge pre-rendered movies

- asteroid fields, space dust and other surprises you might find make up for always different views

Enjoy 15 breathtaking planets and space environments to relax or to turn your Apple TV into a window over intergalactic space.

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