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앱 설명

The Explorers is the app to contribute to the Planet's inventory with photos and videos. Photographers or videographers, amateurs or professionals, scientists, associations, artists and citizens of the world: join The Explorers community!
“Know better to protect better”

• About us
The Explorers is a team of Explorers, media professionals, scientists and artists serving a great cause and a common goal: creating the first planet inventory to showcase the wonders our Earth has to offer.

• The Explorers TV
- Gaze at the marvels of the planet through ultra-high quality videos and photos
- Check out our regularly-updated themed selections: Whale migration in Polynesia, Meeting the last remaining Papuans, The mysterious White City of Honduras, etc.
- Explore content by category and by region submitted by Explorers from all around the world
- Find content from Explorers worldwide thanks to the translation feature
- Share this experience as a family. We filter all sensitive content
- Enjoy 4K HDR videos of The Explorers expeditions
- If you are already a contributor, see your content on any Apple TV in the world

Our full app and its content are free of charge and free of advertising.

Suggestions? Ideas? Contact us at:

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