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앱 설명

Find out where to legally watch movies & tv shows streaming online. Stream and watch all online videos from YouTube, OpenLoad and Streamango with Tube Movies
Search and find videos and channels more easily than any other app available. Everything is possible! Read comments, browse related videos and more - all while watching.

Browse through popular, featured and trending videos. Search easily for any video you want and stream and view them directly on your device. Watch full screen video or view in a convenient screen with comments and related videos.

Main Features:
• Search videos with filters
• Browse by categories (great for finding new videos)
• Browser latest news videos
• Browser Hottest videos
• Support playing Youtube videos
• Support playing OpenLoad ,Streamango videos

It also include a Search engine to find any movie, and film source by Toutube or other the public third-party media service.

How does Tube Movies work?

- Tube Movies keeps getting more facts about TV series and movies Info directly from the 3rd party TMDb service.
- Tube Movies Search TV series and movies From YouTube, OpenLoad and Streamango,
Tube Movies does not store any files . All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties. Movies and TV series URL gived under the movie source content.

*Tube Movies does not cache or store any videos in your device.
*All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties.This app is just an organized way to browse.
*Tube Movies is a Search engine to find any movie, and film source by other the public third-party media service(youtube or others), just like google, but the app concern the videos .This App don't use video data. it just show the url.
*TV series and movies Information data are powered by TMDb service (the API Service of

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