TV Puppets

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앱 설명

Amaze your neighbors with this fantastic Halloween effect! Entrance the neighbor kids as a talking skull, a magic mirror, or a friendly pumpkin talks to them from your front porch.

"TV Puppets" is fun! Use the remote to easily control the movements of the onscreen puppets - with a simple tap-tap-tap motion, you can make them talk. Tilt the remote, and the puppet will tilt its head to match your motion, or look around the room.

We pioneered this "home haunting" trick back in 2003, Halloween night, when we first greeted amazed trick-or-treater's with the original Magic Mirror digital puppet. It was a smash hit, and the number of kids visiting our house doubled every year we used it.

If you want to be the talk of the neighborhood, this is the effect for you! It's super easy to do, but the effects are mesmerizing. When the kids realize that floating skull is talking to THEM, it feels nothing short of magic.

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