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앱 설명

The best player among the other IPTV / OTT players on Apple TV!
So let's see why we believe that it's the best:
Just upload your playlist and get it on all of your linked devices. Cloud storage for playlists as well.
*Automatic Categorization
Let us make all work for you. Upload your playlist and all channels will be sorted by categories.
*Program Schedule
Tired of searching for the program schedule each week? You can get it directly in our app, for each channel.
*What To Watch
UniPlayer selects programs based on rating, so you can easily find something interesting to watch.
*Parental Control
Protect your kids from unwanted or inappropriate content.
*Manage your playlists
Create, edit and synchronize your playlists on the site, or directly from the app!

IMPORTANT: Please note, that at the moment this app supports only TV channels of Commonwealth of Independent States.

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