WatchIPTV - M3U IPTV player

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앱 설명

WatchIPTV is a nice and simple application that allows you to play IPTV streams.

main features:

- Featured movies and series based on tmbd api
- Search for channels/movies/series
- Favourites
- Favourites reorder
- Full EPG guide (requires EPG subscription in xmltv format)
- Easy to use and simple interface
- Supports most of the IPTV playlists
- VLC Video player (supports most of the stream codecs)
- Supports EPG URLs with gzip/tar content
- Multiple audio media/subtitles tracks

All movies/series visuals used on the screenshots are provided by TMDB API (
WatchIPTV is an IPTV player and does not provide content.
All the information shown in the screenshots is just an example and after installing the app you won't see it.
Without an IPTV subscription, you will not be able to enjoy all the features of the application.
Watch IPTV allows you to have a TV guide but requires that you have an EPG subscription in xmltv format.

If you have problems with the app send me an email:

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