Withings Home Security Camera

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앱 설명

Withings Home is an elegant HD camera with built-in environmental sensors to help you stay connected to your loved ones while making your home a healthier, safer place.

Withings Home offers cutting-edge technology so you can access your family from anywhere using your Apple TV, iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or iPod touch.

The free Withings Home app on Apple TV will enable you to:
• View a crystal clear HD video stream of your home with a 130° wide angle, zoom ePTZ x4 and high-quality infrared night vision
• Have a channel to watch smaller family members and take advantage of advanced kid and baby monitor features
• Access real time air quality feedback to help keep your environment free of harmful toxins
• See it all: If you own more than one Withings Home, you can enjoy a comprehensive multi-cam view of up to 4 cameras right on your Apple TV

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