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퍼블리셔: United Bulgarian Bank AD
가격: 무료

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앱 설명

• Login and payment via a fingerprint or a PIN code
• Transfers to own accounts or accounts of other persons without templates
• Creation of payment templates and generation of template-based payments
• Utility bill payment and management
• Information on loans and deposits
• Information on credit and debit cards with an option for blocking and activation
• Use of an embedded software token (generating one-time codes for more secure payments)
• Use of QR signature technology when paying in online banking
• Deferral of UBB credit card purchases in 3, 6, 9 or 12 installments, without interest
• Banking operations 24/7 (except Foreign currency payments outside UBB)
• Review and filtering of account movements information
• Easy IBAN sharing
• Visualization of the Bank’s UWIN card bonusing programme
• Client info – branches and ATMs, FX rates, contacts of the Bank
• Save and share details on transaction in PDF
• Repeat outgoing payment
• Repeat payment based on data of incoming transaction
• IBAN scanning with phone camera

If you are an individual or business client of UBB and you have your username and password for UBB Online banking, once you activate the application and login you will get your UBB Mobile banking in real-time.

If you still do not bank with UBB Online you can register here https://ebb.ubb.bg/ebankreg

For questions and proposals you can reach us at 0700 117 17; *7171; +3592 4831717 or www.ubb.bg

Enjoy your mobile banking,

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