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Search, book, pay and manage all your activities, accommodation and experiences across New Zealand with the Ezi Travel app. With a huge range of activities and accommodation options across the country, Ezi Travel is the only booking app you’ll need for your NZ journey.


Ezi Travel automatically suggests relevant itineraries based on your Ezi Car Rental booking, so you will receive a personalised itinerary with great suggestions for activities and accommodation, including some of Ezi’s secret spots!

With access to over 100+ different activities, accommodation and experiences, there are endless options based on what you enjoy. Fancy an adrenaline-packed bungy jump in Queenstown or more of a scenic ferry cruise around the Bay of Islands, we have you covered.
Ezi Travel provides information and activity options in our top destinations across the country, and as it is in real-time, you can book and pay for activities directly through the app, all managed in one location.

Ezi Travel offers discounted pricing and selected deals across every one of our activity or accommodation options, so you will continuously get great deals which aren’t available to the public.


Did we mention it’s free? The Ezi Travel app is available to all Ezi Car Rental customers, all you need is your existing car rental booking number and your surname, and you will have lifetime access to Ezi Travel.
Ezi Car Rental have a dedicated Help Desk for any app or booking related queries. So book your car with Ezi Car Rental now and start planning!
Note: Content is New Zealand focused only

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