Manguni Squad

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앱 설명

Become Interpol Squad and discover the experience on mobile.

Develop your strategic skills while enjoy the Indonesian Heritages.

Manguni Squad is a first-person-shooter (FPS) game. Every mission has various weapons and each mission has its own challenges. The Manguni Squad game is packaged by incorporating nuances typical of regions in the archipelago through visualizing objects of Indonesian heritage buildings in the scenario.

Toar, the main character, was a professional gamer that recruited by Police because of his special skill. Toar's skill and shooting accuracy to play a game as good as in real life using real weapons. After that he became Manguni Squad.
He fight the Cobra Syndicate that involved in the terrorist attack, drugs dealer mobster syndicate, black ops, hoax syndicate and restore country peace. This battle is accompanied by special squad in one team named Widodo, Kai, and Alo.

- first person shooter (FPS) game
- realistic environment 3D scan artifact
- real shooting effect
- various types of weapons
- varied missions
- cool backsound and charming effects
- photogrametry 3D environment
- online leaderboards
- no ads.

- 3GB RAM, Quad-Core 1.5Ghz or better
- Runs on mobile phones equal to or better than the Galaxy S7.
- Requires approximately 950MB - 1GB of free space.


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