Drone Race 2D

퍼블리셔: Florian Redl
가격: 무료

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앱 설명

Today we offer you one of the most advanced Drone Race 2D games. If you are finding a fun and nonviolence 2D drone race with the addictive endless mission, well then congrats to you because you found it. Drone Race 2D game is not the most ordinary around. You usually get to fly with different planes in this kind of play. You can operate your drone and achieve the points from passing the circles without crashing. Make use of simple but very effective controls, and this game will be harder while you grab your points.

Drone Race is an endless game with harder control.

So download this freely available drone race today and fly your drone in the air. Avoid crashing into circles or borders of the screen. This fun and addictive flight race have a real to reality feeling, as you need to control take-off and manoeuvrings between circles.

2D Drone Race Game KEY FEATURES
- Super realistic drone flight race
- Multi-rotor helicopter controls
- Hard to control
- The addictive game makes it perfect for kids of all ages
- Increase difficulty over time

drone racing 2d racing multirotor idrone nonviolence

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