INFINITY SOULS - 无尽之魂 - 超硬核独立手游

퍼블리셔: 只做一款独立游戏工作室
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앱 설명

Are you ready? Challenge the hardest Boss!

The game has been translated into English.

Practical demonstration:

▼ Gameplay
All enemies on the battle map unlock the next mission, each level consists of five missions, and the fifth mission will have a fierce and mad BOSS.
The plot mode is being developed simultaneously. The next update is expected to be launched.

▼ fight
Each character's gameplay is different. The light sword is suitable for quick attack but the power is small; the epee can hit high damage but the attack is slow; the magician is very difficult in the early stage, the output of the latter is explosive; the double swordsman is agile and high-shock. But the defense is too weak, you need to avoid the enemy reasonably; use different characters to get different game experiences.

▼ Raiders advice
  - The game is very difficult and requires reasonable dodge, using skills
  - Attack, dodge, consume energy, every attack must be careful
  - Enemy attacks are higher to avoid direct attacks
  - Try to choose one-on-one combat, don't be surrounded by enemies.
  - Improve the brave ability to make the battle easier
  - Enemies have a chance to drop equipment and skills, more equipment and skills make the hero stronger
  - Upgrade the store as early as possible. The higher the store level, the better the equipment sold!

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