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Mystic MAZE - A 3D Adventure

퍼블리셔: Glenn Giesbrecht
가격: 1.69 USD

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앱 설명


Help the baby dragon 🐉 through the Mystic MAZE to find his family in one of the most exciting adventure games 3D in maze. This is a fun Mystic MAZE – A 3D Adventure. Collect dazzling gems along the journey and see why this is one of the most downloaded paid adventure games in 3D. Enter the world of puzzle mazes, with outstanding graphics and sound effects.

"FEATURED! Rated 9.23/10” - as seen on The Great Apps

“Mystic MAZE is the new and beautifully designed game that will take over the adventure niche on Google Play” – as seen on Intellectuapp

"Winners Games GOTD 24 Feb 2017” - by Design Nominees


This is a true adventure. The Baby Dragon can walk underwater, run & fire real looking fireballs. Meet the Baby Dragon’s family by solving the puzzle to the end. Play an amazing MAZE with true 3D HD Graphics. Captivating from the very start, this is one of the best adventure games 3D that you can play in offline too.


✅ Navigate through the Mystic Maze with the New Touchscreen! Touch the floor and the dragon will run there.

✅ Use the Crumbs (Red Triangles) to Mark where you've been.

✅ Score lots of points by collecting all the items.


✅ Super Real Water Pools

✅ New Touchscreen! The dragon runs to where you touch the floor, avoids corners & obstacles automatically.

✅ 100+ Collectables throughout the Maze

✅ Large moving Teeter-Totter

✅ Many Rotating Carousels in Maze

✅ Superb 3D HD Graphics

✅ Amazing Music & Sound Effects

✅ Ultra Smooth Gameplay


Mystic MAZE is optimized for both tablets and phone


The ideal combination of maze puzzle, adventure and arcade action game.

For the real fans of the adventure maze game category.

For the real adventurers!

Enjoy one of the best and most original games of the year!

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