Tapper - Free endless tapping game

퍼블리셔: GoranM
가격: 무료

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앱 설명

Are you ready to show off your amazing tapping skills? Give yourself a tap boost with Tapper ! Free to play, endless, addictive, yet fun and reflex testing game.
Enjoy the colorful satisfying show , while you tap color always changes. Just go with the flow, tap tap dash until you crash.

Tapper is unique endless runner game with tap and click mechanics. Upgrade your character in game with awesome skins. Start from the bottom and make your way into the rainbow.Tap and color the canvas while you play.

Be competitive tapper, make your way on the top of the leaderboard!

So let s tap. What are you waiting for. It is simple it is easy as A, B, C tap!

Tapper offers simple but yet satisfying features:
● Tapping into the sky
● Endless addictive gameplay
● Simple controls
● Easy navigation
● Made for reflex testing
● Various skins that are earned by collecting coins, which is completely free
● Customization
● Regular updates
● Its FREE!
● Beautiful artwork, cute animals, colorful
● Leaderboard

Tap color game you were waiting for!

Tapper is developed and published by Goran Marusic as an individual. Tapper offers ads that do not bother player or ads that are optional and help the gameplay. Tapper privacy policy is listed down below.

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