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앱 설명

An essential super fast QR and barcode scanner app that supports all kinds of QR and barcode formats.

QR reader and barcode scanner app is the best app to scan both QR and barcode formats. QR & barcode reader is very east to use, just point the scanner camera to QR or barcode you want to scan and the app will automatically detect and scans the code. No need to press any button or take pictures or zoom the camera focus.

QR Code Creator can be used to create or generate a new QR code.

QR scanner and barcode reader is provided with flash feature that enhances the user experience by allowing the QR scanner to work in low light or night vision.

App supports both landscape and portrait modes. However, screen orientation lock option can be enabled or disabled from settings screen.


*Scan both QR and Barcode formats
*Create QR Codes
*Extreme fast scanning
*Easy to use
*Flashlight support
*Auto zoom support
*Web Search enabled
*Both landscape and portrait support
*Share product details
*Maintain Scanned QR Barcode History
*Maintain Created QR code History
*No internet connection required
*Safe to use, only camera permission required to scan
*No user info collection

QR & barcode scanner app can be used to scan product details, web urls, text, numbers, location details, email, contacts, calendar, WIFI and many other formats. You can also use QR reader and barcode scanner to scan the coupons that provides discounts for online shopping or in product stores.

This app makes your work easy by scanning QR and barcodes for different formats and by providing the relevant options like Search and Share. It can be used on both Android tablets and smartphones.


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