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앱 설명

Adult Text Stickers for Chat is the best and simplest app available to share love stickers and emojis with your love. 100s of stickers updated on daily basis. One tap sharing on multiple platforms and social media apps.

And best thing is. It's totally free and Love text Stickers, Romantic text Emojis, Simple user interface. Ever felt something is missing or incomplete in your chat and texting, YES that was FUN Element. So this app is all you would ever need to Spice Up your texting or let's say sexting.

With categories and 100+ Unique, Fun, Adult HD stickers you will make your friends WOW.

Imagine you are sending stickers instead of just a LOL. Criticizing is more fun, teasing is more fun now. Even complementing and Loving will have a new style after you install this app.

Share every where with just one tap, Whatsapp, facebook, messenger, line, instagaram and everywhere you want.

So Enjoy...

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