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You want to create your own DJ remix songs..?? so our dj name mixer app is the best for you. In this DJ Name Mixer-Mix Name to Song app you can addany of your favorite songs and can add the name and make it in DJ effect. You can also add your name with your audio, and you can also record the mp3 sound from this DJ Name Mixer app-Mix Name to Song.

DJ Name Mixer is the most popular app with many amazing sound effects. With DJ Mixer you can combine your voice or your name with remix song into favorite song. You can also adjust the Echo voice also with Pitch and Sound. After mixing your name with music you can set them as your ringtone and as your notification tone also.

Dj name mixer & maker is an application with unique features remixes of the song you want to save that to your folder. Our app come with many amazing features that you can try it now and all love this dj simulator app and make that music professionally.

This dj name mixer pro has the ability to create amazing dj remix song with name. people can create that own DJ name in these different songs. This app works very fast and without any restriction and save your created song in MP3 format.


- amazing voice Effects are given

- fast and easily responsive app

- High-Quality Sound as you can create song

- Provide In-built Sounds

- Real Time Recording with enjoyment

- Text To Speech function also provide

- you can set as your incoming Ringtone and any app notification tone also.

- High-Quality Sound for your song.

- different sound effects with the dj song.
- our app provides Built-in sounds on music pads that will help you for the music.

- Generates DJ music name mixer by mixing two audios and written your name by you.
- Create a particular folder of your own mixes song and share them with friends.

- Adjustable up and high volume with pitch.

- Pitch and volume controls function Support for all your audio formats.

- User-friendly app and easy to use.

- Use a amazing dj name mixer for more flexible.
- Save your song file in HD quality of audio.

- Save and Share your dj name mixer song

dj name mixer plus mix your name to song and play with Start and stop to arrange your music. Free download our DJ name mixer - DJ music player app and mix songs for your dj party. User friendly UI give your experience of real Music with name Mixer! Name with Mix songs from your phone or tablet and mix it also with existing available amazing DJ tracks!

To Mix you favorite music with name and add any effects easy with a real dj name mixer in song and to create creative music and make unique your own music with your device and challenging your friends by this loving virtual dj song make so now that is possible with us.

dj name mixer app for that creative people who is music lover and in this our application you will also be given some inbuilt music also that you can choose anyone as you want. It’s a very User friendly and fast responsive app. So, what are you waiting for?? Just fast go in play store and download this amazing app.

Different and amazing app with lots of fun you can use it very well and send your good response and give also any updates required in our app.

Thank you.

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